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In these unique times we are all facing it has been amazing and inspiring to see the creative ways that people are coming together and supporting each other.

My amazing friend Lisa, owner of Chester estate and lettings agency Homesale / Homelet, has been reaching out to local business owners to find out their 3 Top Tips for getting through the lockdown. Catching up over a Zoom call Lisa has been generously sharing these tips on YouTube and through her social media channels.

I am not a business owner but I do have this blog where I share any snippets that may be of use to others. Actually it was Lisa who encouraged me to set it up. So I was excited to take part in her Top Tips series when she asked me. It has been a good while since I last posted a blog so what better reason to do so than now to share my 3 Top Tips.

1. Focus on Personal Growth

Use this time to work on your goals and personal development. Checkout Royston Guest’s book Rise if you need any inspiration. Maybe try and learn a new language, I am using an App and putting in daily practice on Duolingo brushing up on my very rusty French.

Or try something new like growing on shop bought herbs or regrowing vegetables and fruit from shop bought produce. There are a ton of YouTube tutorials with practical tips on what to try. I have already got some seedlings from doing this with a red pepper and basil (as you can see in the video) and I have just experimented with strawberry seeds. This doubled as a great mindfulness activity as it took real focus and time picking out dozens of tiny seeds from the strawberry!

**Bonus Tip** I am trying to re-purpose what I have and saved a mushroom punet, added some drainage holes, and used the clear plastic top from the strawberry punet to make a lid. This has made a great little propagator for starting off my new seeds.

2. Gratitude Log

Start a daily gratitude journal and set some morning affirmations these are a great way to frame your day. I have previous blog posts on here with tips on setting goals, starting a gratitude log, forming new habits and getting more productive.

**Bonus Tip** The 5 Minute Journal is an easy App you can also use and you can upload a favourite photo of the day.

3. Positive Mindset

If you are feeling low or overwhelmed try to put a positive frame on the current situation where possible. For example, rather than thinking I am trapped at home try to re frame this as I am staying safe at home. One of my friends shared this on Instagram a few weeks ago and it has really helped me.

Reduce your exposure to negative news. I am personally just watching the daily government briefing and then staying away from newspaper headlines that have largely been speculative.

Finally, Consider all the ways you can keep any positive aspects of your lockdown life going in the future. For me this includes supporting local businesses, shopping locally, having a local veg box delivery, seeing and chatting from a distance with neighbours when we are out clapping for the NHS and Carers, taking family walks, having video calls e.t.c.. All of this can help us stay better connected with local businesses, friends, family, colleagues and neighbours once things start to get back to some sort of normality.

Please check out the Homesale and Homelet of Chester YouTube channel and other social media sites where you can find excellent up to date advice as the property market evolves at this time. You can also see all the other helpful Tips for Lockdown videos that are being shared regularly.

Thanks so much for reading. I would love to hear any tips you have that are working for you in the comments below. Please stay safe everyone xxx

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