Productive Worrying…yes it’s a thing!

Hi everyone, I am finally back after a few months break.  A couple of reasons behind this….I lost my mojo a bit in February and March and had a few issues with people from far away lands trying to hack this site…can’t think why they would be interested in little old me but hey ho! […]

2018…setting clear goals

Hi I’m back with a follow-up post on setting clear goals for the year ahead.  I had hoped to get this up a couple of days ago but it took me longer than I thought to do my 2017 review, described in my last post, partly because I had such a lot of detail in […]

Happy New Year…out with the old…2017 review

Hello and a very Happy New Year to one and all. I have had a good month or so off the blog while catching up with all the Christmas planning, making those lists and checking them twice and all that! I also decided at the end of November that I would stop drinking, probably the […]