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So here goes…my very first blog post.  Spurred on by my best friend, (more on her later), I have taken the plunge and have set myself up with a little website and place to blog.  In general, I like to think that I am enthusiastic and positive in a “glass is half full” type of way most of the time (unless I am hungry and then all that goes out of the window!).

Over the last 12 months or so I have been voraciously reading as many books as I can relating to self-improvement to enhance my work, diet, home and family life.  Along the way I have shared the odd snippet that I have picked up with friends and family.

For some time now my best friend has been encouraging me to “get out there” and start a blog.  I’ve just returned home after having a great weekend with her, she sees something in me that I don’t but encouraged by her certainty that this would be a great idea I quickly thought of a domain name, registered it and after a couple of hours sweating about how to use WordPress I am here!

I have no agenda other than sharing little snippets about what’s going on and what I have learnt that may be of use to others out there.   I expect the content to be random as I love growing my own veg, trying new recipes, organising, making cards and attempting new crafts (with ranging levels of success).

So I would like to dedicate this first post to my best friend and also thank her for her unwavering support and for gently nudging me forward and encouraging me to take this next step.

More to come – thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Adore your new blog Lou… so very excited for more. You have always given the best advice in all areas. Your positivity and love is my anchor. Love you more than you know.

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