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Crocktober…who knew!

I hope everyone has had a good week and maybe had a chance to use the 5 second rule from last weeks blog.  This week I have something very different to share…so I think pretty much everyone has now heard of “Stoptober”, when lots of brave souls decide to quit smoking or drinking for the […]

The 5 Second Rule…how I really got here

Every now and then something just connects with you, you get it, like it’s a personal message meant just for you, right place, right time to receive it.  Well I’ve just finished a book that has had a profound impact on me.  I mostly listen to audio books now through Audible as I can listen […]

What am I doing here?

So here goes…my very first blog post.  Spurred on by my best friend, (more on her later), I have taken the plunge and have set myself up with a little website and place to blog.  In general, I like to think that I am enthusiastic and positive in a “glass is half full” type of […]